Trend 5 Action Recliner Lounge Suite By La-Z-Boy

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Seating Seating for 6 adults with 5 actions i.e. 5 people can recline simultaneously.
Reclining Action Units can be placed as close as 10cm from the wall as the seats incline forward and not backwards
Available incliner actions: Manual, Power
Comes with classy chrome comfort selector levers.
The seats have added memory foam for extra comfort and durability.
Three comfortably proportioned rolls provide for total neck, back and lumbar support.
Arms Uncluttered with gentle curves. The outer arms are attractively shaped
The narrow armrests ensure space-saving
Upholstery cover Available in a wide range of genuine leather and fabric types, textures and colours to suit any decor preference
Warranty Unique 10 years limited warranty for customer peace of mind.

Fabric From R44099
Leather uppers R57299
Full leather R61899



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